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In addition to reducing stress, improving sleep, improving relationships, and enhancing creativity, new research shows that meditation actually reverses at a cellular level stress-related changes in genes linked to poor health, aging, and depression. Learning to trust your intuition and use it effectively is essential to making spectacular decisions that enhance your life. In this fun and supportive circle, we practice both! In this series of UPLIFTING classes, we remind our bodies how to heal and calm, which is the most powerful medicine there is! The class will be part meditation, part energy medicine, and part intuition development. By connecting with your higher self during meditation, you become naturally attuned to your inner knowing, or "intuition.” We will practice different methods to enhance our intuition. No special attire or equipment is needed. All levels of experience are warmly welcome


Biofield Tuning - Restoring Bodies Balance

Sound  healing is the oldest form of healing, practiced by medicine men and  shamans throughout human history. The effects of sound on the human body are powerful, and profound. New  research is showing that by applying a coherent sound vibration to the body, through the processes of resonance and  entrainment, stress (that resides vibrationally in the body) can be modulated into a coherent wave pattern creating calm, a  sense of wholeness and improved health. In essence, sound can reset the body back to it's factory settings! This  introduction will cover the powerful effects of Music, Toning, Tibetan Singing Bowls, and Tuning Forks. You will learn elegant  and efficient ways to heal your own body: spiritually, mentally, and physically. We will learn ways to induce the  meditative state, reduce pain, increase calm and treat a host of other issues.  Targeted therapeutic use of sound by a  Certified Biofield Practitioner on and around the body, to remove energetic blockages and non beneficial frequencies, resetting your body's energetic blueprint to the original factory settings for improved physical, emotional, and spiritual health at a deep level.  How does it work?  Eileen McKusick, the creator of Biofield Tuning, describes Biofield Tuning really well in her video (click here to watch). 

- 60 minute session, $110

- Additional 30 minute intervals, $30

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Sonic Meridian Flush

Experience  this 80 minute, deeply relaxing inner sound massage spa treatment. As a  Certified Biofield Tuning practitioner, I will use gentle pulses of  sound on the body to remove energetic blockages, creating profound  relaxation that will help reset the body’s natural rhythms. Biofield  Tuning is a unique physics-based approach to health using the coherence  of sound waves on and around the body to restore bodies to balance.  Relief from a wide range of symptoms, including: stress, pain, anxiety,  PTSD, insomnia, ADHD, depression, migraines, irritability, fibromyalgia,  adrenal fatigue, and general “emotional stuckness”. Lightness, clarity,  & profound relaxation are commonly reported immediately following a  session.

- 1 hr 20 min, $135

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Meditation Coaching

Learn to meditate with private coaching sessions in my office, at your home or via Skype. I'll teach and support you to get started as we design a program specific to your needs. We will begin meditating together, and as you become more confident you will learn how to incorporate this life-changing, ancient practice into your daily routine. My teaching style is focused on keeping it simple, while bringing the fun to the practice. (If we aren't having fun, what's the point?) It can easily become a part of your life, with a bit of focus and positive intention. You will quickly reach a point where you won't want to start your day without it! Let's do it! Together we'll find your happy, calm, magical and life changing practice of meditating! I also offer a discount for 4 weekly hour-long sessions package. Send me a note to inquire about that offer.

- $110 per office or Skype session, $125 for a home session. 

- Multiple session discounts available.

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Divinely guided healing energy for relaxation and improved health in all areas for humans and their animal companions, addressing physical, emotional  and spiritual growth. 


- 60 minute session, $110

- Additional 30 minute intervals, $30

Reiki for Companion Animals

- 45 minute session: $110 (Local area in person, or distance session) 

Home & Office Space Clearing

Removing and clearing negative, stagnant energies from living and working spaces. Clear your home, clear your life!

- 60 minute Energy Clearing: $125 (Local area only)  

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