About Me

Julie Beth Ramsdell, Biofield Practitioner

Energy Medicine & Reiki Master

Julie Ramsdell  has been a student of spirituality and meditation for since 2006, and  been studying energy healing since 2010. She has attended training at the Biofield Tuning Institute  and is a Certified Biofield Practitioner;  she has extensively studied  the work  of Eckhart Tolle; is mentored by internationally known energy intuitive  healer, Marie Manuchehri; has been taught by energy medicine pioneer,  Donna Eden, and numerologist and intuitive, Sue Frederick. She is Reiki  Master Level 3 Certified; has completed workshops in animal  communication, Intuitive Grief Coaching, and attended Abraham Hicks  workshops (and even been in the hot seat!) Using MBSR training, she been  an instructor for Uplift, an online based in-person meditation group  class in Boston. PASSIONATE about energy work, Julie loves to share what  she's learned about holistic and alternative paths to well-being,  health and happiness. An intuitive energy reader and coach for clients  who wish to tap into the vast source of knowledge and guidance available  to all, she teaches meditation at Hanscom Air Force Base every  Wednesday at lunchtime, and sees clients in her Bedford office by  appointment. Fascinated with all forms of communication, she holds an MS  in Communication from Boston University and is the proud mom of 2  teenage daughters who think she's slightly goofy and are sometimes  flummoxed by her intuitive ability to know their secrets.